ലോക ഹൃദയദിനം – 2018(World Heart Day-2018) ലോകാരോഗ്യ സംഘടനയുടെയും വേൾഡ് ഹാർട്ട് ഫെഡറേഷന്റെയും സംയുക്താഭിമുഖ്യത്തിൽ 2018 സെപ്റ്റംബർ 29 ലോകമെമ്പാടും ഹൃദയദിനമായി ആചരിക്കുകയാണ്. എന്റെ ഹൃദയസംരക്ഷണത്തിനും നിങ്ങളുടെ ഹൃദയസംരക്ഷണത്തിനും നമ്മൾ എല്ലാവരുടെയും ഹൃദയ സംരക്ഷണത്തിനു എനിക്കിപ്പോൾ എന്ത് ചെയ്യാൻ കഴിയും (What can I do now to look after MY HEART …YOUR HEART….and ALL OUR HEARTS ) എന്നതാണ് ഈ വർഷത്തെ ഹൃദയദിന […]

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Cashless IP Service  STAR HEALTH and allied insurance company limited  Medi ASSIST India Private Ltd  Appolo Munich  Family Health Plan Limited  Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company LTD  DEDICATED HealthCare Services(India) PVT. LTD  IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company Limited  HDFC ERGO Health Insurance  GOOD HEALTH  MAX BUPA  ERICSON  UNIVERSAL SOMPO  MEDICARE We […]

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  Master Cardio Check Up @Rs 4500 Executive Health Check Up @Rs 2500 Well Women Executive Check up  @Rs 2800 Well Women Heart Check up @Rs 5000  Children’s Health Check Up @Rs 500 Master Cardio Check Up @Rs 4500  Cardiologist Consultation  Dental Consultation  Blood RE  FBS  PPBS  Lipid Profile  RFT  LFT […]

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Padmavathy Privilege Card
Padmavathy Privilege Card @ Rs 200 (Card Vality One year) OPD Patients consultation -20% Discount Investigation, Procedures and Medicines -5%Discount IP Patients Room/Ward Rent-20% Discount Investigation, Procedures and Medicines -5%Discount  

Privilege Card

Sreenarayana Hridayalayam
         Joint Venture Firm Of Padmavathy Medical Foundation And SSNMM Hospital Varkala,                               Puthan Chanta,Varkala ,phone:0470 -2602248,262249,                                 […]

Sree Narayana Hridayalaya

Diagnose Before Treat The department of Radiology to perform and report all radiological and medical imaging examinations including conventional X-Rays, Interventional Radiology, and contrast studies, Computerized Tomography, Ultrasound Sonography as requested for all inpatients and out patients at the P.M.F and others from peripheral hospitals.   X-rays (Radiographs) X-rays (radiographs) […]

Scans and Diagnostics

                                                Padmavathy Institute of Paramedical Science & Technology It  is started with the humble vision of imparting training to young people in the field of various paramedical techniques. […]