Facilites And Features


A total medical care centre in a serene pollution free natural environment.The serine atmosphere wipes out the worries and rejuvenates the body and rekindles the spirit.

Tertiary Care in Rural Area

Patients with emergencies have to travel long distances to reach major health care centers that too in metro cities. Due to that, vital time is lost in traveling, which may lead to aggravation of ailments that can lead to death, as time is the very crucial factor for deciding the outcome especially for critically ill patients.

Medical Team

Well qualified, trained and dedicated team of medical professionals available round the clock to provide personalized care to the patients.

Advanced Technologies

We are employing advanced technologies like Radial Angiogram & Angioplasty, Laparoscopy, and Arthroscopy etc. Apart from conventional femoral route angiogram and angioplasty, radial procedures are much safer; OPD based shorter hospital stay and have fewer complications, which tremendously reduce the cost of the procedures.

Health Awareness and Preventive Health Checkups

We have been conducting series of medical camps, seminars and lectures with audio-visual aids for the public health awareness in association with local bodies and other organizations. Various health checkup schemes have been introduced for the early detection and right treatment of various diseases.

Service at an Affordable Cost

We are aiming to provide all medical services at an approachable and affordable cost without compromising the quality of treatment. Moreover, people are getting quality treatment at their door step without incurring any extra expenses like traveling, hotel stay etc

Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Fully fledged mobile intensive care unit with state of the art facilities to bring critical patients safely