Scans and Diagnostics

Diagnose Before Treat
The department of Radiology to perform and report all radiological and medical imaging examinations including conventional X-Rays, Interventional Radiology, and contrast studies, Computerized Tomography, Ultrasound Sonography as requested for all inpatients and out patients at the P.M.F and others from peripheral hospitals.


X-rays (Radiographs)

X-rays (radiographs) are the most common and widely available diagnostic imaging technique. Even if you also need more sophisticated tests, you will probably get an X-ray first.

The part of your body being pictured is positioned between the X-ray machine and photographic film/ receiver. You have to hold still while the machine briefly sends electromagnetic waves (radiation) through your body, exposing the film to reflect your internal structure. Exposing to X ray radiation is not harmful to a very low extend except in pregnancy stage and to small children.

Services Provide

  • Conventional Radiology
  • Special investigation procedure like H.S.G, IVP, Ba: Investigations etc.
  • CT- Special investigation procedure like CT angiogram, CT guided interventional procedure, CT guided FNAC, biopsy etc
  • Ultrasound Sonography
  • Cath Lab
  • C arm